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Welcome to Northwest Tortoise


Mission: to provide quality, captive bred turtles/tortoises to responsible owners and provide a resource for caring for and/or re-homing sick or unwanted turtles/tortoises.

Vision: Every pet turtle/tortoise will live a long happy life with responsible owners caring for them. No more wild-caught turtles/tortoises in the pet trade.

Values: Every turtle/tortoise is well cared for, happy and healthy. All rescues receive the finest care and re-homing possible.

My philosophy: I’m not an expert or a Biologist or a researcher. I’m a hobbyist with day-to-day practical experience.  My advice and experience is always free. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll direct you to who does or we’ll research it together.  I also firmly believe in giving credit where credit is due. Thus, you’ll see many sources of reference in the following pages.