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Oct. 2017 Northwest Tortoise suspends intakes

I’m sorry to have to announce that until further notice I cannot take in any more rescues. I wish I didn’t have to write this post but my choices are simple: Expend all my time and energy helping torts and continue careening towards the inevitable rescuers burnout or cut intakes until I not only get my head above water, but can actually float. Read more… blog post

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About Northwest Tortoise

Northwest Tortoise is a small 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit turtle/tortoise rescue operating out of Southeastern Washington state. Individually operated by me (Terese Meyer), a self-confessed non-tortoise expert, but with 25 years of day-to-day experience. I strive to educate and advocate for correct care and quality of life according to each species.

A desire to help all tortoises escape general pet store misinformation and get every tortoise out of a glass box to place them in forever homes drives the rescue.

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