The Redfoot eats everything! Variety is the key to keeping these voracious eaters happy and healthy. A combination of 70% greens, 20% fruit and 10% protein will keep these guys happy.

  • Feed leafy greens such as: dandelion, grape leaves, red and green leaf lettuces, clover, mallow, etc. Fruits include: papaya, mango, melon, plums, pears, strawberries, cacti fruit, etc. For a more comprehensive list, see the reading list/resources page.
  • Feed animal protein sparingly. In the wild they will come across carrion occasionally and eat everything including the bones. Snails, worms, sow bugs, hard boiled eggs, fish and chicken breast can be offered.

Many commercial foods are starting to appear on store shelves. None of these foods represent a complete diet. Some can be used in conjunction with a proper and varied diet. Some are detrimental to your tortoises health. Do the research to really understand and be able to provide a correct diet.

One of the most common issues seen in surrendered animals is lack of a correct diet resulting in picky eaters. Just like humans they have taste buds and would rather eat candy compared to what’s good for them! If you have a picky eater and are having trouble getting him on a correct diet try this method.