Feeding your EBTs is one the most important aspects of captive keeping. In the wild EBTs eat a wide and varied range of animal matter, fungi, greens, fruits and vegetables. In captivity it is the owners responsibility to provide something from each group during feeding.

Many commercial foods are starting to appear on store shelves. None of these foods represent a complete diet. Some can be used in conjunction with a proper and varied diet. Some are detrimental to your EBTs health. Do the research to really understand and be able to provide a correct diet.

Be wary of store purchased insects and worms. Crickets, mealworms and earthworms raised for retail environments are essentially void of all nutritional merits. Earthworms are raised on and digest newspaper. Mealworms are raised on potatoes and corn meal. Again, do your own research to determine what source you’ll use. Or better yet, raise your own!

One of the most common issues seen in surrendered animals is lack of a correct diet resulting in picky eaters. Just like humans they have taste buds and would rather eat candy compared to what’s good for them! If you have a picky eater and are having trouble getting him on a correct diet try this method.

Examples of EBTs eating home-grown food: