General Information

The Ibera (Testudo graeca ibera)

Ibera (Testudo graeca ibera) or sometimes called the ‘Turkish Spur-thighed tortoise.’ It’s preferred not to use this outdated name due to the confusion with what some call ‘Spur-thighed’ tortoise referring to the Sulcata (Geochelone Sulcata). The Sulcata is one of the most prolific tortoises bred for the commercial pet trade even though its one of the worst for the average keeper due to its size, temperament and ability to breed in volume. Sulcatas are quickly becoming #1in rescues!

The Ibera is part of the collective ‘Greek tortoise’ category. Native to Turkey, north-eastern Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, western Iran, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and the Republic of Georgia.  The ‘Greek tortoise’ has been a popular pet tortoise in Europe for many generations. There are many subspecies of the Testudo Graeca family named and being named daily. Many of these subspecies are entering the pet trade daily as well.

The Ibera is a hearty tortoise and fits well into the dry Eastern Washington climate. Their natural habitat includes open forests, grasslands and deserts.

Examples of Greek Iberas