Northwest Tortoise starter enclosure


Introducing the Northwest Tortoise starter enclosure!  A simple, yet effective feature keeps the humidity where you want it! It took me 20 years to devise a low-maintenance way to contain humidity and a stable temperature.

Humidity and moisture are vital to any young tortoises health. The hide box area has a doorway covered by clear vinyl that can be customized to fit your tortoise. The clear material encourages torts to walk through at will.

Your tortoise or turtle will be happier and healthier in the Northwest Tortoise starter enclosure!

Enclosures are 32 inches long and wide and each side is 12 inches high. $99.00 each + shipping.

  • Designed for tortoises ranging from hatchling to approximately five years.
  • Designed by a owner and breeder with rehabilitation experience.
  • Lighter and more resilient than wood. Made of ABS.
  • Enclosure can be expanded to accommodate larger animals.
  • Kit allows for using/installing base of choice.
  • Hardware included for complete assembly (some assembly required).



Features unique to Northwest Tortoise starter enclosures:

Hide box has opening with heat resistant grommet in to hang heat-emitter.

Top lifts easily via hinges and a handle for convenient access.

Vinyl material covering the opening keeps warmth, humidity and moisture inside the hide box – vital to any young tortoises health!


Hatchlings learning to use the door.


View assembly pictures below.