Available for Adoption

“Turtles need rescuing?” “Yes, unfortunately,” is always the answer.

Just like any other captive animal, humans have an incredible ability to mistreat them. Turtles and tortoises are not ‘throw away’ pets. Northwest Tortoise invests extensive time vetting potential owners. If you are looking for a quick transaction and expect to fill out a form and get immediate approval its recommend you look elsewhere.

If you’ve done your research and you are ready for a shelled pet for life apply here!

A note on determining age: Unless there is a hatch date for a turtle/tortoise there is no reliable way to determine age. Age cannot be reliably determined by size, rings on the shell, damage on the shell or any other speculative methods. The following ages are an educated guess based on information from the previous owner and 25 years of experience working with turtles/tortoises.

Interested in adopting? How much space do I need?

  • Russian Tortoise Male, 12 oz., unknown age. Kir spent too many years in a glass box. He’s outgoing and ready to experience proper housing and the life that goes with it! All beaks and nails will be trimmed prior to adoption. Adoption fee $50
  • Possibly male, possibly female, a little too young to tell, approaching 2 lbs., 5 years old confirmed, Pat or Patricia is a perfect Redfoot! It’s rare such tortoises in great shape come into rescue. He/She is a little shy, warms up quickly. He or she will make a beautiful pet. $150.00
  • Tacoma Eastern Box Turtle Male, 14 ounces, unknown age. Tacoma is a colorful, active awesome box turtle! He’s curious, confident and has so much color that will only get better with age! He deserves a fantastic home! Adoption fee $50