Available for Adoption

“Turtles need rescuing?” “Yes, unfortunately,” is always the answer.

Just like any other captive animal, humans have an incredible ability to mistreat them. Turtles and tortoises are not ‘throw away’ pets. Northwest Tortoise invests extensive time vetting potential owners. If you are looking for a quick transaction and expect to fill out a form and get immediate approval its recommend you look elsewhere.

If you’ve done your research and you are ready for a shelled pet for life apply here!

A note on determining age: Unless there is a hatch date for a turtle/tortoise there is no reliable way to determine age. Age cannot be reliably determined by size, rings on the shell, damage on the shell or any other speculative methods. The following ages are an educated guess based on information from the previous owner and 25 years of experience working with turtles/tortoises.

Interested in adopting? How much space do I need?

  • Biff Sulcatas Male, 14 pounds, unknown age, unknown history, eats a proper grass hay diet without issue Aggressive! He cannot be kept with others. He’ll fight anything in his pen including your legs and shoes. He’s very destructive. Plywood will not hold him. He’s an insane digger and needs an escape proof pen. If you appreciate the species for all their quirks Biff is for you. $200 adoption fee
  • Dmitry Russian Male, 11 ounces, unknown age, came from the wild-caught pet industry Dmitry is raring to go. He needs a spacious outdoor pen with extra considerations for digging or climbing out. $75 adoption fee
  • Earl Sulcatas Unknown gender, 1 pound, 3 years old, comes from a loving home that could not provide a proper diet or enclosure. He’s still getting used to a correct diet but he’s adapting well. Continued work will need to be done (in other words, don’t give in). He’ll be easy to house at this young age but a growth plan will need to be seriously considered. $200 adoption fee
  • Emily Redfoots Female, 3+ pounds, 8 years old, came from a much loved home that couldn’t provide for her any longer. Very active and social. $150 adoption fee
  • Igor Russian Male, 13 ounces, unknown age, came from the wild-caught pet industry Igor is a little shier than most Russians but he comes around. He deserves an outdoor pen.
  • Larry Russian Male, 14 ounces, unknown age, came from the wild-caught pet industry Larry is ready for a new home with an outdoor pen. $75 adoption fee
  • Mia Russian Female, 1+ pounds, unknown age, came from the wild-caught pet industry Mia is an outgoing girl and needs a large outdoor pen to explore. $75 adoption fee
  • Paxon Sulcatas Male, 16 pounds, between 10-15 years, housed previously in bullying situation, fed incorrect diet, shell deformities to show for it Paxon will be a challenge. He needs a pen to himself and a patient person to work with him on eating a proper diet and socializing. He’s the shyest Sulcata I’ve ever seen. Scared of his own shadow and very insecure.  He would rather go hungry than go near you to get to his food. He has a […]
  • Pepper Redfoots Male, 3+ pounds, juvenile, Pepper has healing dog bite injuries and will require a pen by himself and an experienced keeper. Very outgoing. $150 adoption fee
  • Sylvia Redfoots Female, 5+ pounds, juvenile, came from glass-tank living and is a bit shy but warms up. She’ll love having spacious pens to call her own! $150 adoption fee
  • Viktor Russian Male, 13 ounces, unknown age, came from the wild-caught pet industry Viktor is raring to get out into the outdoors as well. He’s a social guy. $75 adoption fee