Available for Adoption

“Turtles need rescuing?” “Yes, unfortunately,” is always the answer.

Just like any other captive animal, humans have an incredible ability to mistreat them. Turtles and tortoises are not ‘throw away’ pets. Northwest Tortoise invests extensive time vetting potential owners. If you are looking for a quick transaction and expect to fill out a form and get immediate approval its recommend you look elsewhere.

If you’ve done your research and you are ready for a shelled pet for life apply here!

A note on determining age: Unless there is a hatch date for a turtle/tortoise there is no reliable way to determine age. Age cannot be reliably determined by size, rings on the shell, damage on the shell or any other speculative methods. The following ages are an educated guess based on information from the previous owner and 25 years of experience working with turtles/tortoises.

Interested in adopting? How much space do I need?

  • Axel  Russian Turtle Male, 13oz, wild-caught pet store Russian ready for a new home. Axel is a bit shy but warms up quickly and easily. $75 adoption fee
  • Beaker  Russian Turtle Male, 16 oz., unknown age. Beaker is another wild-caught pet store nightmare. Beaker came in with a horribly overgrown beak. He’ll need a vet or experienced person (references will be checked) to continue to work on his beak. He’s a social guy and will make a nice pet. $75 adoption fee
  • Brandi  3-Toed Box Turtle Female, 12oz, young adult, Brandi came from the pet trade and a bulling situation. She gets the award for world’s shyest box turtle. I’ve had her almost three years and she’s still not comfortable interacting with humans or other turtles. It took 35 minutes, ten feet away, to get the photo. $50 adoption fee
  • Earl  Redfoot Turtle Male, 1lb. 8oz., approximately 4 years old, Earl got a rough start in life from being kept in fish tank with improper temperatures and fed an inadequate diet. Earl is an active boy who wants space both indoors and out to enjoy life. $75 adoption fee
  • Ellenore  Russian Turtle Female, 2#, unknown age. Ellenore is a force! She’s fearless and shows it. She’ll dig, climb and take all the space you can give! Ellenore has had a rough life from the wild-caught pet store days and is deformed. Thus, NO BREEDING. She deserves lots of space to call her own. $75 adoption fee
  • Russian Turtle Male, 1 lb., unknown age, Kuzma is another wild-caught pet store Russian. He lived the majority of his captive years indoors. Kuzma is loving being outside and and gaining confidence by the day. He’s social and will make a nice pet. $75 adoption fee
  • Pepper Redfoots Male, 3+ pounds, juvenile, Pepper has healing dog bite injuries and will require a pen by himself and an experienced keeper. Very outgoing. $150 adoption fee
  • Sochi  Russian Turtle Male, 1lb. 1oz., wild-caught pet store Russian ready for a new home. Sochi is friendly and social. $75 adoption fee
  • Timone Ornate Box Turtle Male, 12 oz., young adult. Timone comes from the glass-box method and his condition shows it. Timone is an active boy that loves being in outdoor pens. Eats and hunts like a champ. His burns on his head/face have healed but his beak will need continual work. Timone requires an experienced keeper with a qualified reptile vet (references will be checked). $50 adoption fee
  • Tin Ornate Box Turtle Male, 10 oz. young adult. Tin spent his early years with chronic respiratory problems because of extended periods of poor care. Tin’s growth is stunted and he’s still very small. Tin’s major issues have been cleared up and now he needs a home that will appreciate his little rascal personality. He’s an escape artist, very active and loves to hunt and eat! He’ll take some time to warm up but when he does, he’s a social, […]