Captive Breeding

NWT focuses on and sells three species of captive bred turtles and tortoises.

Please note: NWT allows breeding very sparingly. NWT produces less than 30 hatchlings per year. No species overcrowding rescues are bred or will ever be bred (Sulcatas, Russians, water turtles). NWT believes there are responsible owners that want quality, captive bred animals for lifelong pets. If a qualified and dedicated hobbyist is approved to purchase, the turtle/tortoise will be sold and the proceeds go directly to funding NWT. NWT does not supply retail stores, flippers or wholesalers. Learn more in the FAQ section.

Sales Terms and Conditions:

  1. Animals will be shipped via FedEx on Monday or Tuesday only. In addition to shipping costs a $10 fee will be added to cover the cost of the shipping container and delivery to airport location.
  2. Payment policy: Amounts owed (animal and shipping charges) will be made prior to shipping the animal. Money orders or PalPal is accepted.
  3. Animals are guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy. 24-hour guarantee. If there is a problem during that time, I must be contacted and given the opportunity to correct the situation. In case of death, proof is required. Photos, video or sending the animal back may be required. In case of a replacement animal, I will incur shipping charges.
  4. I am not responsible for delays or situations created during shipping by FedEx.

Placing deposits to hold an animal:
It’s common to place a deposit on a specific animal to wait for warm weather for shipping. In this case the following guidelines apply:

  1. A non-refundable 50% deposit must be made. If the buyer changes their mind for whatever reason the deposit is forfeited. If the animal dies or is injured the buyer will have a choice of a replacement animal of same species and age. If one is not available the buyer may choose a refund or keep the deposit on file to choose from the next available group.


  1. Follow-up care advice and information is always free. Northwest Tortoise strives to provide correct information to anyone interested in keeping their tortoises happy and healthy!
  2. Tortoises are not sold until they are at least a year old. Hatchling tortoises are very fragile and not ready to be shipped or deal with the stresses of a new home.
  3. Northwest Tortoise reserves and exercises the right to refuse the sale of a tortoise. An extensive conversation about care, housing and diet will take place. New tortoise owners willing to learn are welcome!