As of July 2023, Northwest Tortoise will no longer be accepting generally healthy rescues. The demand for rescue space NEVER stops and I’ve reached the limit energy, space, time and funds will allow.

I will continue to help tortoises where I can. If you have a native U.S.A species, MBD tortoise or an emergency situation, I’ll consider requests for surrender on an individual basis. Use the form here for contact.

I will continue the NWT Rehoming program, details below, in order to help owners find qualified adopters without taking ownership of their tortoise. If you would like to be considered for the NWT Rehoming program, use this form.

The NWT Tortoise Rehoming Service:

  • An owner that would like to rehome their tortoise contacts NWT.
  • NWT collects information about the tortoise and posts the tortoise for adoption.
  • The owner houses the tortoise while it is posted for adoption.
  • If/when a potential owner becomes available both parties will be contacted.

Details/instructions how to use this program are in the documents below: