Sanctuary Residents:

Once a tortoise has Metabolic Bone Disease and suffers significant internal and external damage from poor or incorrect care there is not much that can be done. The damage is permanent and cannot be reversed. The best outcome is to provide a safe, stress-free environment for the rest of their days. Thus, the sanctuary residents live high-on-the-hog and will live out their days as happy as possible.

Your support will allow me to continue to give them the good life as long as possible.

Minty (Desert tort):

Minty – Minty arrived in 2019 from a life only compared to a Huck Finn adventure. She lived across the U.S.A. from tent to tent. Fed whatever was around, including her favorite, white bread, she bears the signs of poor nutrition. Due to her poor nutrition, she’s in the “sink” phase of Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD). Her body is not developed or strong enough to support the weight of her shell. The shell has started to collapse in on itself and has fractured her spine. I do my best with prosthetics and support her recovery. Once a tortoises condition is this bad, there’s no reversing it. I do whatever I can to keep her mobile and happy. 

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Lewis (Sulcata):

Lewis (Sulcata) – Lewis arrived in March of 2018. Details surrounding his arrival are sketchy. But, the story goes that he and his owner traveled America’s highways in a freight truck. Unfortunately, tortoises don’t want to travel the highways, and his overall condition shows it. He has MBD and enough internal and external damage to significantly shorten his life.

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Gloria (Sulcata):

Gloria (Sulcata) – Gloria arrived in June 2021, Gloria is obviously deformed, likely due to a diet of high-protein foods, which Sulcatas do not have in their natural diet. She’s a personable Sulcata and is used for many educational events. 

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Zig and Zag (Redfoot):

Zig/Zag (Redfoot) – Zig and Zag arrived together. Raised together, suffering from MBD, neither can lift themselves up to walk properly. They shuffle on their knees, causing cuts that constantly need to be attended. The extent of damage is mind-boggling, as is the fact they are still alive. Both are over the age of 20 years and weigh less than a pound.

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SP (Sulcata):

SP (Sulcata) – SP is short for Saraphina. Saraphina was another Sulcata that got a bad deal from her owner. Saraphina was a sweet girl that didn’t deserve her life cut short. SP is in the same boat. Her previous owner didn’t take care of her and her condition shows it. She has chronic respiratory problems and needs medicine constantly. She also has to be permanently quarantined.  She has MBD and enough internal and external damage to significantly shorten her life.

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Nubs (Box Turtle):

Nubs (Box Turtle) – Nubs is proof of turtle/tortoise resiliency.  Nubs arrived in September 2020. Previously, he suffered years of poor care resulting in Metabolic Bone Disease. Nubs is unable to use his legs properly and scoots along on his knees. His skin is paper thin and cuts and bleeds often. His beak needs constant trimming. He requires treatment for shell rot and eats a specialized diet  in his pen curated to his exact needs. Nubs also gets water therapy to help circulation.

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