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March 29, 2018

April 2018 update

Spring 2018! Let’s adopt some tortoises to great homes! The first round of adoptable tortoises have been posted on the fantastic new website! Check out what’s available and follow the policies and procedures to start the process. Learn more here. NWT will be at the Tri-Cities Pet Expo April 6 and 7. Stop by and see what I do. I have a new display with tons of educational information as well as a model tortoise table. I’ll also have tortoises […]

Facebook News:

5 days ago

Northwest Tortoise

Hello everyone I hope those of you with good weather are working on getting your torts outside! I wanted to welcome all the newcomers to my page. I've had quite a surge in activity lately and I really appreciate it!

Not a lot of exciting pictures to share this weekend. I've been swamped trying to stay above water. I'm still hemorrhaging rescues and the demand doesn't stop. I'm afraid I'll have to change my intake policies again and make they even more restrictive. I'm still trying to get the box turtles on the adoption page (I'm three weeks past that goal!). Time is not on my side. I'm also working to finish the rest of the new website and still working on five infographics that are started but not complete. And of course, at some point, I'll get to having a fundraiser!

I have a thousand things on the list but you know how it goes: care comes first. I'm not doing reptile shows again this summer because I don't have the time. It's possible I'll do the Spokane show in September.

My personal group of Eastern Box turtles got moved to their outdoor summer pen today and Kahalessi (shown) is loving it!

Enjoy the sunshine with your torts!

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7 days ago

Northwest Tortoise

I'm sad to report the Hermann's tortoise has died. He was surrendered in May of 2016 and is a classic case of what poor care does to shorten life.

He was purchased and shipped right out of the egg from one of the national retailers and raised per their instructions. He was kept in a PVC snake enclosure. This type of enclosure is fully enclosed and does not allow for a temperature differential. Without at temperature differential tortoises cannot digest their food. Additionally he was kept on a smooth surface with wood chips. He skidded around because there was no traction for 11 years.

He was fed a less than proper diet for his species and the result is obvious. His shell flattened out (weak bones), he had minimal stamina, weak jaw that kept breaking and just poor health.

I gave him a couple good years but a tortoise cannot outlive poor care. When the damage is done, its done. Its body cannot recover.

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  • I recently adopted a Russian Tortoise from Terese of NW Tortoise for my grandson. From her very first email, it was clear that Terese is passionate about these amazing creatures and her experience and wisdom will build your confidence, not to mention, help make a decision on what tortoise you should consider. Terese supplied all the information we could possibly need, answered endless questions and even arranged for her friend to meet us in our area to pick up our new tortoise. With Terese, it is a personal experience – I really enjoyed the whole process. Adoption can be risky, but this little Russian is busy, happy and healthy. I highly recommend Terese/NW Tortoise to anyone considering purchase or adoption!
    Ellen Hankins
  • Thank you Northwest Tortoise for our new little Red Foot. We are very impressed with our little guy and the whole process. We have never shipped a reptile before and we were a little nervous, WA to MO is a long way. Sheldon arrived safe, sound, healthy, happy & alert. Within 10 hours he was dropped off at the airport and arrived at our FedEx location. I was very impressed with his packaging. We have now had him for a week and a half and he has just been a joy. Thank you Thank you Thank you!
    Carol Morse
  • This is an excellent and very professional organization. If you are interested in purchasing a turtle or tortoise I would not recommend pet stores – where the health of those animals is unfortunately questionable – and would 100% recommend Northwest Tortoise instead. The owner raises these animals and the difference is incredible. Since my purchase of a beautiful Eastern Box Turtle the owner has continued to help with further questions I have regarding care, feeding and making sure my turtle is doing well. Additionally, I would also recommend the enclosure they sell for these pets as it is easy to assemble and the perfect size. We were searching a long time for a turtle and walked away disappointed or unconvinced from several stores. It is increasingly uncommon to find a place with healthy and responsive animals as well as owners who care enough to remain in contact afterward. I would recommend Northwest Tortoise first to anyone interested in having one of these awesome animals as a pet.
    Monica Alcantar