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August 3, 2018

Case study: Greek Ibera (owner surrender)

Case study: Greek Ibera (owner surrender) Symptoms upon intake: The tortoise went missing on Feb. 1, 2018 and was missing until May 23, 2018. It is assumed during this time the tortoise was exposed to the elements. The tortoise was severely emaciated including muscle atrophy. The shell showed signs of predator attack. He could not use his legs properly causing him to shuffle in circles. Additionally his neck muscles were too damaged to hold his head up. Eyes were glassy […]

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3 days ago

Northwest Tortoise

Please read: Hatching eggs in a class room

All, I've received some negative comments regarding Virginia laying eggs for a class room project. I'd like to outline what I am doing so everyone has information prior to judgment.

The class is high school biology and there are lessons with the tortoise eggs that cannot be learned in a book. After the eggs are hatched the hatchlings will come back to me.

I bred Virginia, a Redfoot, a species not overtaking rescues because I feel it's a responsible choice.

When I choose to breed any turtle or tortoise I feel I do it responsibly. If people can learn from them I think that is an added bonus. I NEVER breed a turtle/tortoise that I cannot commit to for life. Sometimes I sell yearlings and older, as stated clearly on my website, but I will NEVER allow myself to put the tortoises in a position of ending up with a crappy owner or dumped because I didn't plan for forever. I don't sell/deal with pet stores, wholesalers or anyone that is trying to make a quick buck.

To further my point: in 2017 I hatched 7. 2018, none so far but if Virginia does lay it will be between 4-6.

It distresses me that some think I am the same as unethical breeders out there. I try to be as transparent as I can and publish a lot of information on my website about how I do business. The hatch stats are on my website - I'm sure a wholesaler or mass breeder isn't publishing their stats.

I'm convinced there are hobbyists out there that want quality, captive bred tortoises and the few I hatch can provide for that market. I'm also convinced that sharing these incredible creatures with students furthers education and that is not a bad thing.
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3 days ago

Northwest Tortoise

Finally Virginia decides she might lay her eggs! (How can a rescue breed tortoises? I answer this question in detail on the FAQ section of my website.)

Her eggs are going to be hatched in a class project but she was bred late in the season. It's not the best weather but the only window I have for a couple weeks. Its high 40s. I really wish the sun would come out. Makes a huge difference.

First pic is a test nest she dug. Notice anything about her back right foot? She has no claws or toes. That part of the foot has been missing since I got her. Doesn't affect her at all.

She's backed up against the fencing I put up to keep her out of the rabbit run. Obviously, I keeping a sharp eye on her so she does not get hung up!

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  • My family and I just adopted a box turtle from here and our experience was amazing. Terese was so helpful with the many questions I had when we were preparing. We would definitely recommend adopting from northwest tortoise and hopefully we will be adopting from here again when we have the space for more.
    Shelli Nicole
  • After much online research, I chose NW Tortoise to surrender my two Russian tortoises to. While it was a sad day for our family, I know I chose the very best place for my little guys to have the best life possible. Terese was so great to work with and I'm clear she loves these animals and is dedicated to helping them thrive.
    Amy Gundlach
  • We have just adopted a redfoot tortoise bred at Northwest Tortoise and the experience has been amazing! Terese is very knowledgeable and ready to answer every question, even the dumb ones! And that's before and after purchase! I feel excited and confident as my husband and I embark on our tortoise journey.
    Karen Huffman
  • Excellent experience working with Terese. Very knowledgeable and just wants to find the right home for each turtle.
    Josh Magnuson
  • Terese with Northwest Tortoise is a compassionate and incredibly knowledgeable person. She has a genuine love for tortoises, desire to rescue and nurture them, and dedication to teaching others about these amazing creatures. She goes above and beyond expectations to save these little guys. Our family is very thankful for her.
    Linda Johnson
  • I recently adopted a Russian Tortoise from Terese of NW Tortoise for my grandson. From her very first email, it was clear that Terese is passionate about these amazing creatures and her experience and wisdom will build your confidence, not to mention, help make a decision on what tortoise you should consider. Terese supplied all the information we could possibly need, answered endless questions and even arranged for her friend to meet us in our area to pick up our new tortoise. With Terese, it is a personal experience – I really enjoyed the whole process. Adoption can be risky, but this little Russian is busy, happy and healthy. I highly recommend Terese/NW Tortoise to anyone considering purchase or adoption!
    Ellen Hankins
  • Thank you Northwest Tortoise for our new little Red Foot. We are very impressed with our little guy and the whole process. We have never shipped a reptile before and we were a little nervous, WA to MO is a long way. Sheldon arrived safe, sound, healthy, happy & alert. Within 10 hours he was dropped off at the airport and arrived at our FedEx location. I was very impressed with his packaging. We have now had him for a week and a half and he has just been a joy. Thank you Thank you Thank you!
    Carol Morse
  • This is an excellent and very professional organization. If you are interested in purchasing a turtle or tortoise I would not recommend pet stores – where the health of those animals is unfortunately questionable – and would 100% recommend Northwest Tortoise instead. The owner raises these animals and the difference is incredible. Since my purchase of a beautiful Eastern Box Turtle the owner has continued to help with further questions I have regarding care, feeding and making sure my turtle is doing well. Additionally, I would also recommend the enclosure they sell for these pets as it is easy to assemble and the perfect size. We were searching a long time for a turtle and walked away disappointed or unconvinced from several stores. It is increasingly uncommon to find a place with healthy and responsive animals as well as owners who care enough to remain in contact afterward. I would recommend Northwest Tortoise first to anyone interested in having one of these awesome animals as a pet.
    Monica Alcantar