2014 and 2016 Redfoots are available. Contact NWT for more information.

General Information

The Redfoot tortoise (Chelonoidis carbonaria)

**The following information is meant to give the novice keeper a BASIC place to start with the species. More information (web links, info graphics, recommended books, etc.) can be found on the RESOURCES section of the website. **

Native to South America, Redfoots have become very popular. The Redfoot lives in tropical and sub-tropical areas with hot, humid conditions in the forest and edges of forest. Redfoots are so nicknamed because of their bright red coloring on their face, legs and carapace.  Redfoots are a fun although challenging tortoise to keep. Providing adequate humidity is one of the most challenging aspects of keeping this species.

Size and coloring depend on where in South America they come from.  An average size adult is 8 to 12 pounds. However these torts can weigh up to 20 pounds.


Housing Information

In the wild, Redfoots are found in a variety of environments in South America from grasslands to the edges of forests where humidity is high. Redfoots do not tolerate a dry environment. Nor are they a basking species. Specific considerations must be taken into account and accommodations made.

Read the enclosure information page for basic indoor and outdoor enclosure guidelines and browse the picture gallery for ideas.

Feeding Information

The Redfoot eats everything! Variety is the key to keeping these voracious eaters happy and healthy. A combination of 70% greens, 20% fruit and 10% protein will keep these tortoises happy.

Many commercial foods are starting to appear on store shelves. None of these foods represent a complete diet. Some are detrimental to your tortoises health. Do the research to really understand and be able to provide a correct diet.