Northwest Tortoise is a small 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit turtle/tortoise rescue operating out of Southeastern Washington state. EIN number and mailing address is available upon request (use contact button).

Individually operated by me (Terese Meyer), a self-confessed non tortoise expert, but with 25 years of day-to-day experience. I strive to educate and advocate for correct care and quality of life according to each species. As a tortoise rescue, I have a strong desire to help all tortoises escape general pet store misinformation and get every tortoise out of a glass box to place them in forever home.

How Northwest Tortoise Came to Be

About Northwest Tortoise

Where do they come from?

Rescues come from every scenario imaginable: some come from owners who love them but cannot care for them, some are found where no turtle/tortoise should be like the side of the road or parking lots, some come from law enforcement, some are just dumped and find their way to NWT.

Most turtles/tortoises arrive in very poor condition or injured. Dog bites, human abuse, poor care and a host of other ailments come through. Poor care is the hardest, costliest and longest condition to rehabilitate. Turtles and tortoises don’t do anything quickly, especially heal.

Whether they have physical ailments or mental health issues, all are given the required time and support to heal. Some turtles/tortoises bounce back quickly (quick in turtle terms is six months) and some take years. Regardless they need to do this in a safe environment and this is what I provide, for as long as they need.

Serving the entire Northwest

Turtles/tortoises come from all over the Northwest, especially Seattle and Portland. It is not uncommon, however, to have one flown from across the country. I recently received one from Ohio. It’s difficult being a one-woman rescue serving these major metropolitan areas. I do not charge a surrender fee, as some rescues do. Some owners may donate, but most do not.

Desire alone cannot make these tortoises’ lives better. Unfortunately it all takes money. Money for pens, medications, vet visits, transportation, food, power, water, lights, heat emitters and a host of other expenses. Your donation is vital to keep Northwest Tortoise operating. A single donation covers every aspect of tortoise care. It takes 30 hours a week to operate, which I essentially donate my time (I receive no income from the rescue). Days, nights, weekends, traveling: it’s all part of running the rescue (along with a career that demands 40 hours a week).

Why do they stay so long?

On average, tortoises come into the rescue and stay between 8-16 months. Some stay longer, some stay shorter, and some never leave. Some are in such poor condition the best outcome is a great quality of life for their remaining days. They stay so long because, in my experience, to truly understand a turtle/tortoise’s health status you need a long time to observe them. By the time they show symptoms the illness is severe. Additionally it takes a long time to get to know their personality. Knowing their personality allows me to make the best possible placement into a forever home.

What are the dollars and cents?

Housing (both indoor and outdoor), lights, heat emitters, substrate, medications, food, supplements, vet visits and whatever else these tortoises require run an average of $1,000 per tortoise, per year.  Adoption fees represent less than 2% of these costs.