Since its inception, the focus of Northwest Tortoise has been education and information. As I established Northwest Tortoise as an educational nonprofit, the need for rescue and rehabilitation space for injured and ill torts became apparent. Northwest Tortoise slowly evolved to meet those needs while still offering education through the website, social media, and educational events. With the influx of rescues, Northwest Tortoise became a fully-formed rescue and rehabilitation operation. I was rescuing tortoises from all over the Northwest at a volume that quickly became overwhelming. Northwest Tortoise quickly turned from an educational pursuit into an unpaid full-time job. 

Many of the rescues that I took in were sick, injured, and traumatized– many of them beyond hope for rehabilitation and eventual rehoming. Thus, many of the rescue torts became “lifer” torts and are now permanent residents at Northwest Tortoise headquarters. These “lifer” torts require an incredible amount of attention and care. In the last few months, I have come to the realization that I cannot both continue to accept new rescues and provide the level of care that these “lifer” torts require. It is too much. I cannot do both without neglecting one or the other. 

Thank you for your support over the years. Northwest Tortoise could not have rescued and cared for the many tortoises that passed through our doors without you. Every cent given has gone directly to the care of these tortoises. In the best interests of the tortoises in my care, Northwest Tortoise is going back to an “education focused” organization while we make the most of the time with our “lifer” torts.