Captive bred turtles and tortoises for sale

NWT allows breeding very sparingly (for more information see the FAQs). Hatchlings are not sold until they are at least one year old. Shipping, when  temperatures allow, is available in the continental U.S. Ice packs/heat packs will not be used due their unreliability to maintain a constant temperature.

If you are interested in purchasing from NWT use the contact button. A conversation about proper care will take place prior to any sales. The goal is to find dedicated owners that will cherish their new pet for life.

Captive bred Eastern Box Turtles and Greek Iberas are sold out.

All turtles and tortoises are intended for educational and scientific purposes.

2015 CB Redfoot:

Beautiful young Redfoot ready for a loving home. He/she (unknown gender) is very social and fearless. An outgoing tortoise that will quickly become a member of your family!

$225 + shipping (if necessary)

Photo is the actual tortoise for sale. Not photo shopped in any way. Tortoise was misted with water to highlight colors.

Sales Terms and Conditions:

1. Must be 18 years or older. Younger than 18 will need parental permission.

2. All fees will be paid prior to shipping/pick up. A PayPal invoice will be sent electronically.

3. Shipping charges will be the buyer’s responsibility. Animals will be shipped via FedEx on Monday or Tuesday’s only. In addition to shipping costs a $20 fee will be added to cover the cost of the shipping container and delivery to airport location. (Sales requiring Delta Dash will be considered on an individual basis.) How do you ship a tortoise? See FAQ number 15 on the subject.

4. If an arrangement of meeting somewhere is determined a $20 handling fee will apply.

5. Terms and conditions: Northwest Tortoise does it’s very best to provide a healthy turtle/tortoise at the point of sale.  Northwest Tortoise operates in good faith and will not knowingly sell an unhealthy turtle or tortoise.  Turtles and tortoises are guaranteed for 7 days from date of arrival. If a turtle/tortoise dies within the 7-day period, proof must be provided in the form of photos, videos and/or the carcass of the animal. A discussion in good faith will take place and appropriate action will be taken. All sales are final.

6. Northwest Tortoise is not responsible for delays or situations created during shipping by FedEx.

Placing deposits to hold an animal:

It’s common to place a deposit on a specific animal to wait for warm weather for shipping or other reasons. In this case the following guidelines apply:

  1. A non-refundable 50% deposit must be made. If the adopter changes their mind for any reason the deposit is forfeited. If the animal dies or is injured the buyer will have a choice of a replacement animal if one is available and agreed upon. If one is not available or agreed upon the buyer may choose a refund or keep the deposit on file to choose from the next available group.


  1. Follow-up care advice and information is always free. Northwest Tortoise strives to provide correct information to anyone interested in keeping their tortoises happy and healthy!
  2. Tortoises are not sold until they are at least a year old. Hatchling tortoises are very fragile and not ready to be shipped or deal with the stresses of a new home.
  3. Northwest Tortoise reserves and exercises the right to refuse the sale of a tortoise. An extensive conversation about care, housing and diet will take place. New tortoise owners willing to learn are welcome!