A Note on Salmonella Contamination
August 17, 2017
April 2018 update
March 29, 2018

Oct. 2017 Northwest Tortoise suspends intakes

I’m sorry to have to announce that until further notice I cannot take in any more rescues. I wish I didn’t have to write this post but my choices are simple: Expend all my time and energy helping torts and continue careening towards the inevitable rescuers burnout or cut intakes until I not only get my head above water, but can actually float.

The need doesn’t stop. Ever. The past year I’ve turned down 2 to 6 requests a week to surrender torts. I serve the entire Northwest and then some. I’m one person against a billion dollar industry telling people torts are easy pets. Glass boxes and pellets that look like breakfast cereal are all you need!

My operational goals were never to serve (solely as a rescue to) the entire northwest. My primary goal is and always will be education. For two years that’s been on the back burner because caring for the amount of torts coming into the rescue is always the priority. After a 40-hour workweek and 30+ hours a week on the rescue, there really isn’t time for anything but survival, both personally and professionally.

I realize I could do rescues differently. I could adopt them to anyone that wants them. I could adopt them out as soon as they come in. But I won’t. These policies just perpetuate the problem; which is and always will be humans. When all humans respect the animals they own, breed, sell, etc. rescues will cease to be necessary. I will stand by my policies and procedures that ensure some positive affect on breaking the cycle.

I will leave you with this thought: I see so many posts on the Internet and so many comments that state “somebody should do something about this.” I am a somebody. Actually I’m nobody. Just a person that heard the call to help and I answered. I am currently working my tail off doing something about it. I encourage all of you to do something about a cause you are passionate about. Be that somebody in whatever way you can.

Until the next cute tortoise post…keep your torts happy and healthy!