August 3, 2018

Case study: Greek Ibera (owner surrender)

Case study: Greek Ibera (owner surrender) Symptoms upon intake: The tortoise went missing on Feb. 1, 2018 and was missing until May 23, 2018. It is assumed during this time the tortoise was exposed to the elements. The tortoise was severely emaciated including muscle atrophy. The shell showed signs of predator attack. He could not use his legs properly causing him to shuffle in circles. Additionally his neck muscles were too damaged to hold his head up. Eyes were glassy […]
June 8, 2018

Northwest Tortoise will be at the Mid-Columbia Library (Kennewick, Union branch)

June 23 from 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. Northwest Tortoise will be at the Kennewick branch of the Mid-Columbia Library. I need volunteers to be ‘tortoise models.’ Time commitment would be 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Tortoise models will be responsible for displaying my tortoises to the kids at the event. Kids will be able to touch, but not hold, the tortoises. I’ll provide information about the individual tortoise and no experience is necessary. Responsible kids (probably over 10 years) […]
August 17, 2017

A Note on Salmonella Contamination

A note on Salmonella contamination: pet water turtles often get a bad rap when uninformed people see headlines like ’Salmonella outbreak traced to pet water turtle.’ Then the panic, speculation and incorrect information starts flying and concerned parents make their kids get rid of their pet turtles.  If the turtle is lucky he’ll land in a rescue and be cared for until a proper home can be found. If not, often times he’ll be dumped into the nearest body of […]
March 31, 2017

2015 captive bred Greek Iberas ready to go!

2015 captive bred Greek Iberas are ready to go!  See the for sale section of the website and review the policies and procedures. Northwest Tortoise is a 501 c 3 non profit tortoise rescue that breeds on a LIMITED (in 2016 six tortoise eggs were hatched) basis. No species already crowding rescues is bred. Hatchlings are raised for at least a year before sale. Additionally, Northwest Tortoise invests a lot of time and energy in finding the correct, prepared and […]
November 3, 2015

Northwest Tortoise need your help!

See my fundraiser here. I need your help for day-to-day operations expenses such as power, water, building materials for indoor and outdoor pens, food, food and more food! Nutritional supplements, veterinary care, medications, reference books, transport: both picking up rescues and/or delivering adopted animals or shipping them, bedding materials, tools for trimming beaks or nails, UVA/UVB lights, heat emitters, etc. I had a surprise this fall. The last thing I expected to be dealing with is the arrival of eight […]
December 6, 2014

Northwest Tortoise becomes nonprofit

“Dedicated to education, rescue and captive breeding,” the motto of Northwest Tortoise leads to a natural conclusion that a nonprofit status fits the mission. After two years of being a for-profit company, Northwest Tortoise decided to change its status for several reasons. The primary reason is money. How can education and rescue be a priority if the underlying mission is to make money? The resources dedicated to educating the public, taking care of unwanted tortoises, and working with potential new […]