November 3, 2015

Northwest Tortoise need your help!

See my fundraiser here. I need your help for day-to-day operations expenses such as power, water, building materials for indoor and outdoor pens, food, food and more food! Nutritional supplements, veterinary care, medications, reference books, transport: both picking up rescues and/or delivering adopted animals or shipping them, bedding materials, tools for trimming beaks or nails, UVA/UVB lights, heat emitters, etc. I had a surprise this fall. The last thing I expected to be dealing with is the arrival of eight […]
December 6, 2014

Northwest Tortoise becomes nonprofit

“Dedicated to education, rescue and captive breeding,” the motto of Northwest Tortoise leads to a natural conclusion that a nonprofit status fits the mission. After two years of being a for-profit company, Northwest Tortoise decided to change its status for several reasons. The primary reason is money. How can education and rescue be a priority if the underlying mission is to make money? The resources dedicated to educating the public, taking care of unwanted tortoises, and working with potential new […]